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Patient Issues Algorithm

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Admit/Discharge Resources

Involuntary Discharge Resources

Letters of Concern

A certified letter of concern should be completed with the following components:

  • Letter voicing concern about missed treatments: has to be more than 30 days of missed treatments to discharge
    • Include date of last treatment
    • Genuine concern for the patient
  • Offer a deadline for the patient to return to the clinic (5-7 business days)
  • Offer other clinics that could possibly serve the patient
  • Encourage the patient to seek emergent dialysis care at local hospital(s)
  • Hospice
    • Offer as an option should the patient choose to not continue treatment
    • Provide at least three companies to adhere to Medicare’s guidelines
  • Offer additional resources
  • Behavioral Health Treatment locator


Example of 1st Letter  
Example of 2nd Letter  



Affordable Care Act and Undocumented Patients

Affordable Care Act Presentation


Bed Bug Resources

Gaining and Maintaining Facility Patient Representatives

Infection Guidelines

Mental Health

Patient Advocacy

  • Dialysis Patient Citizens Education Center 

  • NKF Cares 

    • The goal of this patient hotline program is to provide education and support for kidney patients through a centralized help center. Our Information Specialists have been trained to answer questions and concerns, handle requests for information and counsel patients about kidney disease and how it affects their lives. The toll free number is 1-855-653-2271 or you can visit the website at www.kidney.org/patients.

Patient Resources...Taking Charge of Your Healthcare

Peer Support

ESRD Network of Texas Buddies Wanted: English and Spanish


Patient Family Engagement Plan Presented by Patients

Topics include: Patient Engagement, Peer-to-Peer Support, Peer Mentoring, Care Planning Tips

ESRD NCC Peer Mentoring Program

Peer Mentoring Program Dialysis Facility Presentation and Slides

Peer Mentoring Operational Toolkit

PEERS Lending Support - from the National Kidney Foundation is a new program that connects patients who want support with someone who has been there


Working with Hearing Impaired Patients

Resource Archive

Professionals may find additional information archived here