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If you need assistance with CROWNWeb missing information, GAP patients, PART verification, possible duplicates, NON- submitted 2728/2746s, clinical values and editing patient information schedule an appointment at https://booknow.appointment-plus.com/9e0k79v2/ or call contact the ESRD Network of Texas Information Management Department Office: 469.916.3805 Fax: 972.503.3219 Email: CROWNWeb@nw14.esrd.net

Registering for access to CROWNWeb

For access to CMS systems, facility staff must register for an EIDM/QARM account by accessing the CMS Enterprise Portal. The Enterprise Identity Management system (EIDM) is a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) application you will use to create, request, and maintain usernames, passwords, and Multi-factor Authentication for CROWNWeb, the ESRD QIP system, and other CMS systems. After creating an identity account in EIDM, you will request access to CROWNWeb, the ESRD QIP system, and other CMS systems through the QualityNet Authorization and Role Management (QARM) system.

Questions and more information

For more information, see the EIDM/QARM Quick Start Guide. For questions regarding EDIM/QARM, CROWNWeb, or the ESRD QIP system, contact the QualityNet Help Desk at 866-288-8912 or qnetsupport-esrd@hcqis.org or use the My CROWNWeb resources.

CROWNWeb Resources and Assistance

CROWNWeb is an acronym for Consolidated Renal Operations in a Web-Enabled Network. In order for all dialysis facilities in the United States and U.S. territories to comply with the Conditions for Coverage, all facilities will use the CROWNWeb application. The current application allows clinics to input patient demographic, admit/discharge and treatment data. It also permits collection of facility and personnel information as well as Clinical Performance Measures (lab values and vascular access). These CPMs will be used for calculations to be posted on the Dialysis Facility Compare web site.

In order to access CROWNWeb, a new user must obtain an EIDM/QARM User ID and password. For specific details on registering, see the EIDM/QARM section above. For more information or user assistance, please see the My CROWNWeb website or the available guides.








Transplant Activity Report (TAR)

ESRD Network 14 uses the standardized Transplant Activity Report (TAR) to track patient events that each kidney transplant provider submits to the Network office, along with the CMS forms for the month’s activities.

If you have questions about the Transplant Activity Report contact Sade Castro 469-916-3805.



The ESRD QIP system replaced the DialysisReport.org site in 2015 and provided a portal for dialysis facility staff to access public reporting documents and participate in the annual Preview Period.

In order to access the ESRD QIP system, a new user must obtain an EIDM/QARM User ID and password. For specific details on registering, see the EIDM/QARM section above. Additionally, each facility will need to assign a Facility Point of Contact (POC). This facility user role will have the ability to submit clarification questions and a formal inquiry on the facility’s behalf during the Preview Period. The EIDM/QARM Quick Start Guide has particular steps for how to request being a POC.