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Patient Education

ESRD of Network of Texas would like to notify all Texas dialysis facilities of a new electronic newsletter available to dialysis patients beginning spring 2020. We want to provide a newsletter that is equipped with a wealth of patient education and facility news you can use. In preparation for the launch of our e-newsletter we are asking all dialysis facilities to subscribe to receive the email newsletter using the following link. You will receive an e-newsletter you can print out for patients and post in your lobby area as well as share the subscription link. The e-newsletter will replace the Networks hardcopy patient newsletters you receive biannually. It will also include professional information such as the Networks Quality Improvement Activities and other CMS related areas of focus. To register for the e-newsletter please select this link: Subscribe to newsletter: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/publish?EQBCT=c72b0f013b2f43a3aef04e2ded7270d9 ESRD Network of Texas will post the new e-newsletter on https://www.esrdnetwork.org/our-network/newsletters .

Un-subscribe to newsletter: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/publish?EQBCT=d1e487684e8142b9adb33327566a02ea.


La Red de ESRD de Texas desea notificar a todas las clínicas de diálisis de Texas de un nuevo boletín electrónico disponible para los pacientes de diálisis a partir de la primavera de 2020. Queremos proporcionar un boletín que esté equipado con una cantidad importante de noticias sobre las clínicas y educación que pueda usar para el paciente. En preparación para el lanzamiento de nuestro boletín electrónico, pedimos a todos los centros de diálisis que se suscriban para recibir el boletín electrónico mediante el enlace de abajo. Recibirá un boletín electrónico que puede imprimir para los pacientes y publicar en su área de espera, así como compartir el enlace de suscripción. El boletín electrónico reemplazará los boletines impresos de los pacientes que usted recibe de la Red cada dos años. También incluirá información profesional, como las actividades de mejora de la calidad de las redes y otras áreas de enfoque relacionadas con Medicare (CMS). Para registrarse en el boletín electrónico, seleccione este enlace: Suscríbase al boletín: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/publish?EQBCT=c72b0f013b2f43a3aef04e2ded7270d9 La Red ESRD de Texas publicará el nuevo boletín electrónico en https://www.esrdnetwork.org/our-network/newsletters.

Anular la suscripción al boletín: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/publish?EQBCT=d1e487684e8142b9adb33327566a02ea.

ESRD Network of Texas H.O.P.E Booklet

ESRD Network of Texas and our Patient Advisory Committee would like to present a booklet called "Help on Processing Everything Dialysis (H.O.P.E.)" for all persons who may have a kidney disease. The reader can explore a vast selection of patient friendly educational material to address many questions.  

Welcome to H.O.P.E -03/2019

Dialysis Clinic Finder

Patient Videos - Inspirational Stories

ESRD Network of Texas Patient Advisory Committee would like to share their personal inspirational stories to all persons in the dialysis community. We hope you enjoy their videos and we will continue to present more patient stories for all patients, family members and caregivers.

Information for Patients

Chronic Kidney Disease

Did you know that one in three Americans is at risk for chronic kidney disease (CKD) and 96 percent of those with CKD are unaware they have the condition? By watching TMF's free short video (available in English and Spanish), viewers can learn how to improve their kidney health and lower their risk for CKD. The video is family and patient friendly and especially important for people over 65. TMF encourages sharing this video with Medicare beneficiaries, family, caregivers and educators. Viewers will be prompted to take a short assessment survey before the video. For questions or more information, contact TMF QIN-QIO at KidneyHealth@tmf.org.

Fluid Overload Project - ESRD Network of Texas Patient Advisory Committee (PAC)

Fluid Management Workbook

  • Fluid Management Patient Workbook Module 1 - English  - Spanish  - last updated 2/06/2019
  • Fluid Management Patient Workbook Module 2 - English - Spanish - last updated 2/06/2019


Dialysis Facility Compare (DFC) is a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) website that helps you learn about specific dialysis clinics and the care they provide. The website is www.medicare.gov/dialysisfacilitycompare/. DFC can be used by patients, family members, and the health care team. The website helps you compare dialysis centers in your area or where you plan to travel. 

Locate a Transplant Center

Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR) 


Dialysis Patient Citizens Education Center


Missed Treatments


Self Care


Speak Up! Help Prevent Errors in Your Care


Be Involved! - Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)


National Kidney Foundation - Patient Programs and Services

  • NKF Cares
  • PEERS Lending Support: A national, telephone-based peer support program from NKF. Connects people who want support with people that have been there. Helps people adjust to living with chronic kidney disease, kidney failure, or a kidney transplant.


Support Groups

HOPEline Peer Support Phone Line – Renal Support Network

  • If you are a person with chronic kidney disease, family member or caregiver and don't know what to expect, call us. Connect with another person who has lived successfully with kidney disease and can share their experience, strength and hope with you on what they have done to navigate this illness successfully.
  • Call the HOPEline - (800) 579-1970 (toll-free) Monday through Friday from 10am to 8pm (PT)
  • HOPELine en Español - (800) 780-4238 (toll-free) Monday through Friday from 10am to 8pm (PT) Support for Spanish speaking patients HOPELine en Espanol
  • An illness is too demanding when you don't have HOPE 

ESRD Support Group Resources 



Using your CRIT-LINE Monitor to Manage Your Dry Weight for An Optimal Hemodialysis Treatment

Section 504 and ADA




Treatment Adherence



Diet Resources