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Patient, Family and Caregiver Engagement 2020 Initiative

The ESRD Network of Texas has been directed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to collaborate with ESRD providers and stakeholders within the state of Texas. The goal is to support facility efforts to increase patients, family and caregiver engagement at the facility level.

The Network shall ensure implementation of  interventions at the dialysis facility level that foster patient and family involvement in the areas of promoting better health for the ESRD population; BSI, transplant, and home dialysis.


Patient and Family Engagement 2020 Kickoff Webinar- Jan. 30th video  (video has additional tips) and slides .

Webinar Attestation Forms

2020 Patient & Family Engagement Intro Webinar Attestation


Patient and Family Engagement: Pre-project Survey- due Jan. 31st.

ATTENTION: The Network has streamlined the process of completing the PFE monthly survey. If you are in a Quality Improvement Activity (QIA) your new monthly survey will now include the PFE questions. This is a method we are trying to ensure all surveys are completed. What does this mean? You all will work as a team to compile the needed data to complete each monthly survey. The Network QIA Lead has sent a notice to the facility lead stating this new process. You will receive another reminder email with links for all QIA surveys (if you are in a QIA project) and for non-QIA project facilities (if you are not in a QIA project) you will receive a different survey link. Until further notice facilities will use this new process in hopes it will decrease your time in completing several surveys.

Feb. Patient and Family Engagement: Monthly Survey- Due last Friday of each month

March- Sep. Patient and Family Engagement (QIA PROJECT FACILITIES ONLY)- Due last Friday of each month.


March- Sep. Patient and Family Engagement (NON-PROJECT QIA FACILITIES ONLY):Monthly Survey- Due last Friday of each month



Patient Engagement Activities

Medical Education Institute (MEI)

  • Nutrition & Fluids learning module provides information about the value of eating real food, phosphorus absorption from food additives vs. meat and plants, graphics and photos, and brand-new meal plans and recipes.

Patient Information Exchange (P.I.E): Virtual Peer Support Groups 

Patient Engagement Education Page 

Patient Engagement Monthly Education

Plan of Care Patient Checklist (Pre and Post Meeting)

Managing Mental Health [icon=type=globe]

  • National Kidney Foundation (NKF), ESRD Network of Texas Patient Subject Matter Expert and Mental Health America of Great Dallas speak to the importance of mental health. Join us on this episode of Staying Home and Staying Health: “Managing Mental Health”


Patient Resources

Patient Education- COVID-19

Texas COVID-19 Mental Health Hotline 1-833-986-1919 additional information available here

Are you looking for multiple COVID-19 resources?  COVID-19 One-Stop Shop Toolkits 

  • General Public, People 15 to 21, Childcare Programs & Summer Camps, Youth Sports, K-12 Schools, Colleges & Universities, Businesses & Workplaces, Worker Safety & Support, Community & Faith-Based Organizations, Domestic Travelers, Shared & Congregate Housing, Parks & Recreational Facilities, Older Adults & People at Higher Risk, People with Disabilities, Tribal Communities, Retirement Communities, Correctional and Detention Facilities and People Experiencing Homelessness


COVID-19 Prevention Tips for Traveling to and From Dialysis

Patient Safety Tips for Dialysis Transportation During the COVID-19 Outbreak  

American Kidney Fund (AKF)


ESRD Quickinars

Dialyzing Patients in Skilled Nursing Home During COVID-19
“Patients in Skilled Nursing Homes”
• Recording: YouTube     • Presentation: Slides
COVID-19 and Infection Prevention
“Infection Prevention”
• Recording: YouTube     • Presentation: Slides
Caring for the Mind, Body, and Spirit During COVID-19 Pandemic
“Mind, Body, and Spirit”
• Recording: YouTube     • Presentation: Slides
Making Kidney Transplant Possible During the COVID-19 Pandemic
“Kidney Transplant During a Pandemic”
• Recording: YouTube     • Presentation: Slides
COVID-19: Separating Myths from Facts
“Myths from Facts”
• Recording: YouTube     • Presentation: Slides

National Kidney Foundation (NKF):

Dialysis Patient Citizens (DPC) Education Center:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

Texas Kidney Foundation (TKF)

Additional COVID-19 Patient Resources:

ESRD National Coordinating Center (NCC) Resources

ESRD National Coordinating Center (NCC) 

  • Lifeline for a Lifetime: Planning for Your Vascular Access Guide- English and Spanish
  • Questions to Help with Your Treatment Choices – A handout designed to help you develop questions to ask your healtcare team about your treatment options.
  • Questions to Get You Started – A resource to help you develop questions to ask your healtcare team after you begin treatment.
  • Preventing Peritonitis Peritonitis: Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention – This resource is designed to help you recognize the signs and symptoms of peritonitis, as well as provide information on how its treated.
  • Be Heard: Tips for Talking with Your Care Team – This resource is designed to help you communicate with your care team members.
  • Goal Setting: Getting Back to Me – This workbook is designed to help patients restore their sense of dignity and increase self-esteem through goal setting.
  • Mental Health Toolkit  printable version
    • This toolkit can be used by any renal professional including the ESRD Networks, dialysis providers, and transplant programs. It was developed in conjunction with input and feedback from ESRD Network professionals and patient subject matter experts. The hope is that by informing themselves, sharing the resources, and managing their own well-being they can make a difference in the lives of the ESRD patients and families they serve. It is not intended to be given directly to patients, but instead by professionals to use in their work.