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Network Council

The Network Council provides the mechanism for coordinated information exchange between the providers of ESRD services and the Network.  The facilities in the Network are responsible for carrying out the Network goals and objectives and adhering to the standards and criteria developed by the Medical Review Board.

The Network Council is comprised of representatives from the 22 Regional Advisory Councils (RACs) in the Texas. Members represent the providers and patients in the respective RAC area. Members are nominated and elected by Network Members to one-year terms and may be reappointed by the Corporate Governing Board (CGB).  If you are interested in serving on the Network Council, please contact Mary Albin via email at mary.albin@allianthealth.org or by phone at 469-916-3801.


Corporate Governing Board

The Corporate Governing Board (CGB) is appointed by the CBG and Alliant Health Solutions. Members are appointed to serve a two-year term and may be reappointed for an additional two terms. The Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and past Chairman may serve a total of nine years. Other members may serve a total of six years. Nominations are received from the Network Council and Disciplinary Professional Associations. If you are interested in serving on the CGB please contact Mary Albin via email at mary.albin@allianthealth.org or by phone at 469-916-3801.


Medical Review Board

The Medical Review Board (MRB) is a 21-member voluntary, interdisciplinary advisory body appointed by the Corporate Governing Board of the Network that represents the diverse geographic areas and the various ESRD related disciplines. The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986 (OBRA) (Public Law 99-509) required the establishment of the MRB and directed that ESRD facilities and providers follow the recommendations of the MRB (Section 9335 {g}).  The purpose of the MRB is to assure, through the application of suitable procedures of health care review, that the care provided to ESRD patients within the Network is maintained at an optimal achievable level of quality.

MRB members are appointed by the CGB to serve a two-year term, and may be reappointed up to a total of three terms (six years), with the exception of the Chair, Vice Chair, and Immediate Past Chair who may serve longer. Nominations are solicited when a vacancy exits. MRB members are nominated to serve by their respective professional associations and the Network Council.  If you are interested in serving on the MRB, please contact Mary Albin via email at mary.albin@allianthealth.org or by phone at 469-916-3801.

Patient Advisory Committee

The Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) is comprised of ESRD patients and/or caregivers to ESRD patients that represent the ethnic diversity, geographic distribution and treatment modalities of the ESRD population in Texas. PAC members are appointed by the CGB to serve a one year term, and may be reappointed as long as they are willing and able to serve. Nominations are solicited from the dialysis facilities when a vacancy exists. If you are interested in serving on the PAC, please contact Debbie O'Daniel via email at debbie.o'daniel@allianthealth.org or by phone at 469-916-3804.

Corporate Governing Board (CGB)


  • Chairman- Michael Aragon, MD, Nephrologist, Fort Worth, TX- Outset Medical
  • Vice Chair- J. Humberto Serna, M.D., Nephrologist/Pediatrics, El Paso, TX- El Paso Kidney Specialtist
  • Past Chair-  Charles Orji, MD Nephrologist, Tyler, TX- FMC

Treasure and Secretary

  • John D. Bell, MD, Nephrologist, Bedford, TX

MRB Chair

  • Mohanram Narayanan, MD, FASN, Temple, TX

Members At Large            

  • Albert Ortiz, Construction, Houston, TX
  • Benjamin Isgur, Health Research, Dallas, TX
  • Daniel O’Connell, Finance, Dallas, Texas
  • Gail Dewald, RN, CNN, Nephrology Nurse, San Antonio, TX
  • Precious McCowen, ESRD Consumer, Dallas,
  • Sardeliah Pearson, ESRD Consumer, Wichita Falls
  • Theresa De La Haya, R.N., B.S.N., M.P.H., Administration/ Nursing, San Antonio, TX- University Health Hospital

AD HOC Members

  • Dennis White, MSIT, DHA , Alliant Health Solution- ESRD Network of Texas CEO, Atlanta, GA (AD HOC Non-Voting)
  • Ruben Velez, MD, Nephrologist, DNA Corporate Office, Dallas, TX (AD HOC Non-Voting)
  • John Dewald, Non-Healthcare, San Antonio, TX Ex Officio
  • Donald Molony, MD, Nephrologist, ESRD Forum Member, UT HSC Houston Med School, Houston TX  (AD HOC Non-Voting)
  • David Rameriz, TEEC Chair, Houston, TX (AD HOC Non-Voting)



Medical Review Board (MRB)


  • Mohanram Narayanan, MD, FASN, Chair, Temple, TX
  • Donald Molony, MD, Immediate Past Chair, Houston, TX
  • Edith Simmons, MD, Austin, Texas 
  • Glen McDonald, MD, Longview, Texas 
  • Richard Fuquay, MD, FASN, DeSoto, TX
  • Ruben Velez, MD, Dallas, TX

Pediatric Nephrologists

  • David Simon, MD, Austin, TX
  • Raymond Quigley, MD, Dallas, TX

Vascular Access Surgeon

  • Christie Gooden, MD, MPH , Dallas, TX 

Transplant Surgeons

  • Alejandro Mejia, MD, FACS, Dallas, Texas
  • Steve Bynon, Jr., MD, FACS, Houston, TX


  • Helen Currier, MA, BSN, RN, CENP, CNN, Houston, TX
  • Javier Rodriguez, BSN, RN, El Paso, TX
  • Malinda Buentello, MSN, RN, CNN, Somerset, TX
  • Caylon Chase, RN, Dallas TX

Social Workers

  • Charlonda Thrower, LMSW, MBA Dallas, Texas
  • Lisa James, LMSW Fort Worth, TX
  • Patrick Waldron, M.Ed.,LMSW, Austin, TX


  • Carol Lim, RD, Sugar Land, TX 
  • Naveena Reddy, MBA, MS, RD, Allen, TX 

PAC Representatives

  • Juan Morales, Laredo TX
  • Precious McCowan, Dallas, TX


  • Harold Doc Berryhill, Jr., Mansfield, TX

Patient Care Technician

  • John Warth, CHT, Grapevine, TX 

Patient Advisory Committee (PAC)