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Texas ESRD Emergency Coalition

The Texas ESRD Emergency Coalition (TEEC) was formed in December 2005 to facilitate the provision of quality care to people with ESRD in the event of an emergency that negatively impacts the delivery of dialysis and transplant services by establishing a collaborative a Disaster Plan.

Planning for an Emergency

Clear Emergency Document Bag Clear Emergency Document Bag


Emergency Document Bag Announcement (click here to visit Texas Ready)

Clear Emergency Document Bags are available from the Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS) website. To order, contact David Rivera at email dshs.texasready@dshs.texas.gov.

In your email please include the following information: Facility name, facility clinic number, shipping address, contact person and phone number in your order request. NOTE: TDSHS provides clear emergency bags for the general public in Texas. BAGS ARE ON A FIRST COME & FIRST SERVE DUE TO THERE IS A LIMITED AMOUNT AVAILABLE.  

Texas Ready 

Questions? Contact David Rivera at email dshs.texasready@dshs.texas.gov

ESRD Network of Texas Patient Emergency "Go Bag"

ORDER YOUR PURPLE EMERGENCY BAGS! **ONLY for dialysis faciities that have an ESRD Network Contract / Agreement**

ESRD of Network of Texas would like to notify all Texas dialysis facilities of a new product available to in-center dialysis patients. ESRD and Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS) have partnered together to design a purple “grab and go” bag for patients at no cost.  This “grab and go” bag can be used to place clothes, medications, the facility clear plastic emergency bag inside. To order your bags please contact David Rivera at email dshs.texasready@dshs.texas.gov and follow the below instructions.

Please only place one order per facility. Please order your bags and disburse to your patients. At this time we are asking facilities to only order one bag per person. Please do not call TDSHS and send an email regarding your order as it will cause a delay in processing all received requests, thank you.

To order via email please include the following information:

  1. Subject Line: ESRD of TX Purple Emergency Bags (this is not the clear bags)
  2. Facility clinic number (please include if applicable/ Medicare Provider Number)
  3. Facility name
  4. Facility address (please include suite number if applicable)
  5. Facility email address
  6. Exact number of bags (one bag per in-center patient) in your order request. Example: # of in-center patients = 50 your total order request is 50 bags.