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New Facility Requirements

A signed agreement between the facility and the applicable Network is required prior to the initial survey." Based on this the Network shall enter into a signed agreement with facilities prior to an initial survey as requested by facilities, the State Survey Agency, or the Regional Office Survey and Certification staff.


Opening a New ESRD Facility in Texas

Step 1:

Submit the ESRD Facility Application and license fee to the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS)

P.O. BOX 149347, MC 2003
AUSTIN, TEXAS 78714-9347
PHONE: 512-834-6646
FAX: 512-834-4514

Step 2:

Download the Network Agreement Packet for New Facilities and return the completed forms to the ESRD Network of Texas, Inc. Please contact Debbie O'Daniel at nw14info@allianthealth.org or 469-916-3804 with any questions.

Network Agreement Packet for New Facilities

Step 3:

After you have received an email confirming that the Network has received your Network Agreement Packet, download the Facility Handbook and Facility Handbook Appendices and return the Acknowledgement Form to the ESRD Network of Texas, Inc.

ESRD Facility Handbook  
ESRD Facility Handbook Appendices  

Step 4:

Once the Network has received your Acknowledgement Form, you will receive an electronic copy of your Network Agreement. Print and file it in a safe location where it can be easily accessed by any necessary staff.

Step 5:

Once the Network has received your facility license from the Texas Department of Health and Human Services, we will enter your facility into CROWNWeb. A notification email will be sent to you once this has been completed. You will be requested to gain access to CROWNWeb, enter your facility into EMResouce, and to set up a Master Account Holder.

  • CROWN Memo 17104gn  

  • Instructions on CROWNWeb access can be located at  http://www.esrdnetwork.org/professionals/qip/crownweb. You will need a Security Official as well as staff assigned as Managers. For questions or assistance please go to MyCROWNWeb at http://mycrownweb.org/.  Once you have access to CROWNWeb, enter in your facility’s key staff roster including their email addresses. Once the Network has entered your facility into CROWNWeb, you can locate your facility using your facility’s NPI number. NOTE:  any change in key staff personnel must be updated in CROWNWeb within 5 business days.

  • Register your facility into EMResource which is part of the ESRD Network of Texas (Network 14) emergency disaster plan. EMResource is database system that provides information in live time during a natural or man-made disaster.   Joining EMResource is a requirement for all Texas ESRD facilities as out lined in the Network 14 Goals and Objects in your new facility packet. For questions please contact Betrice Williams, Outreach Coordinator, at betrice.williams@allianthealth.orgEMResource User Guide  and EMResource New Account Request Form

  • Assign a staff member to become your facility’s Master Account Holder (MAH). The MAH is responsible for the facility’s Dialysis Facility Report (DFR). For more information go to http://www.esrdnetwork.org/professionals/qip. For questions please contact Sade Castro, Information Systems Manager, at sade.castro@allianthealth.org.

Facility Contact Form

To update your facility information please complete this form by clicking here