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ESRD Network of Texas, Inc. can assist patients and professionals in the following areas:

  • Technical assistance, guidance, and/or appropriate referrals regarding the provision of services to ESRD patients.
  • Technical assistance, guidance, and/or appropriate referrals regarding ESRD regulations and recommended practices. Copies of ESRD Federal and State Regulations, Centers for Disease Control and OSHA Recommendations, and Practice Guideline Information are available.
  • Identification of available providers for patients seeking ESRD services, including transient patients.
  • Facility/provider support in the resolution of patient issues or concerns before they become complaints/grievances. A guide to assist staff intervene with patients following their treatment plan is available upon request.
  • Assistance in development of local disaster plans that include such emergencies as floods, earthquakes, hurricanes; etc. A Disaster Planning Resource Manual for facilities and a patient specific guide are available upon request.
  • Assistance in the development of community and patient education programs. A New Patient Orientation Packet is sent to each new ESRD Patient upon receipt of the Medical Evidence Report and is available upon request.
  • Resources and assistance regarding the use of tools to assess the quality of life and functional status of patients.
  • Resources and assistance regarding vocational rehabilitation.
  • Assistance in establishing facility-specific Mentor: Facility partnerships for quality improvement projects. 
    • Goals for placement of patients in self-care and transplant modalities
    • Quality Management Programs
    • Quality Improvement Projects
    • Goals for referral of suitable candidates to vocational rehabilitation program