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2019 Infection Detection

Orientation Webinars

Infection Detection Intro Webinar - 20% Cohort  and 20% Cohort Webinar slides 

Infection Detection Intro Webinar - 30% Cohort  and 30% Cohort Webinar slides 

NHSN Intro Training Webinar and NHSN Training Webinar slides


Pre-Project Survey - Due 12/28/2018

Webinar Attestation Survey - For both Cohorts  Due 1/31/2019

Root Cause Analysis Survey - Due 2/28/2019

February Monthly Survey - Due 2/28/2019

March Monthly Survey - Due 3/31/2019

April Monthly Survey – Due 4/30/19

May Monthly Survey – Due 5/31/19

June Monthly Survey- Due 6/30/19

July Monthly Survey – Due 7/31/19

August Monthly Survey - Due 8/31/19

Patient Engagement Resources

Infection Prevention Station:

"Days Since Last Bloodstream Infection" Poster" - Facilities please place the poster in a place visible to patients and staff. You may use the below patient engagement activities to make your station more engaging to patients.

Resources for Patient Education on Hand Hygiene:

Resources for Patient Education on Infection Control:

FPR Toolkit English or Spanish - To help recruit and train Facility Patient Representatives

Patient Engagement Activity Options:

Option 1: National Recognition Days - Resources to raise awareness about upcoming National Recognition Days - Add handouts to your "Infection Prevention Station", and ask your FPR to help distribute and post materials.

  • Chlorhexidine for Skin Antisepsis (August 2019)
    • Engage patients in completing an infection control observation, such as hand hygiene observations. Patients can use their smartphones to complete and observation with the “Infection Control Observation Tool".
    • Use this ICOT Flyer to promote patient engagement with infection control observations
  • Sepsis Awareness Month (September 2019)
  • Global Handwashing Day (October 15, 2019)
  • International Infection Prevention Week (October 14-20, 2019)
  • US Antibiotic Awareness Week (November 12-18, 2019)

Option 2: Network Patient Engagement Calendar - Share the different "topic of the month handouts" with patients - Can be added to you "Infection Prevention Station"

2019 Network Patient Engagement Calendar - English and Spanish

2019 Monthly Patient Engagement Handouts

Option 3: Your Facility's Own Plan - If you choose this option, you must complete the monthly survey to give the details of your plan, and be sure to keep all documentation of the activity.

DO NOT submit any PHI!! Fax necessary documentation to Network 14 FAX!!


2019 NCC HAI LAN Calendar 

1/8/19 NCC HAI LAN Slides 

3/5/19 NCC HAI LAN Slides and Recording 

5/7/19 NCC HAI LAN Slides and Recording 

7/2/19 NCC HAI LAN Slides  and Recording

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