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2016 Vaccination QIA


Don’t Wait, Vaccination Webinar 1: Attestation and Polling 
Don’t Wait, Vaccination Webinar 1: Recording (Audio and Visual)

RCA, Vaccination QIA Webinar 2: Attestation and Polling  
RCA, Vaccination QIA Webinar 2: Recording (Audio and Visual)

Discussion Groups, Vaccination QIA Webinar 3: Registration  
Discussion Groups, Vaccination QIA Webinar 3: Attestation and Polling  
Discussion Groups, Vaccination QIA Webinar 3: Recording (Audio and Visual)

Awareness Campaign, Vaccination QIA Webinar 4: Registration
Awareness Campaign, Vaccination QIA Webinar 4: Attestation and Polling  
Awareness Campaign, Vaccination QIA Webinar 4: Recording (Audio and Visual)

Vaccination QIA Webinar 5: Registration 
Vaccination QIA Webinar 5: Attestation and Polling  
Vaccination QIA Webinar 5: Recording (Audio and Visual)

Sustainability, Vaccination QIA Webinar 6: Attestation and Polling  
Sustainability, Vaccination QIA Webinar 6: Recording (Audio and Visual)

Timeline and Resources

Vaccinations Timeline (Events have been tentatively scheduled ahead of time. Facilities will be timely notified if any event changes)

QualityNet Help Desk contact info (For issues with CROWNWeb and data correction):


Don’t Wait, Vaccinate: Initial Survey 
RCA Barriers to Vaccination Survey