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Program Overview


The ESRD Network of Texas (Network 14) believes it is important for each dialysis unit to incorporate patient safety into its organization. To encourage patient safety values, Network 14 has implemented the 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program. The 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program was developed by the Mid-Atlantic Renal Coalition (Network 5) in collaboration with the ESRD Network of New England (Network 1).

The 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program is comprised of fifteen (15) training module options focusing on a variety of patient safety topics. Each module includes the tools and resources necessary for implementation of each patient safety concept. For each module successfully completed, the facility is awarded a "diamond," culminating in special recognition for 5-Diamond facilities. The program is designed to educate facility staff and encourage them to incorporate patient safety principles into treatment sessions every day.

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How to Participate in the Program

Please download the application from the following link "Program Application (PDF)." Once you have completed the application, please email the form to Kathleen Prewitt at kprewitt@nw14.esrd.net. If you prefer to print the application form, please fax it to 972.331.3659 or mail to 4040 McEwen Rd, Suite 350, Dallas , TX 75244.

Upon receipt, we will register your application. You can obtain the modules from the 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program icon listed at the bottom of this page, or you may contact us and we will send you a packet of materials on the modules of interest. The Patient Safety Principles module is a mandatory module that must be completed first. After completing this module, you may complete additional modules in any order. All participating facilities are required to designate a Project Contact person. The Project Contact will be responsible for coordinating the completion of modules, recording and reporting outcome measures, and submitting documentation of completion to the Network 14 office.

Upon successful completion of 5 modules, we encourage you to market your facility as a 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program Facility. Your facility may retain 5-Diamond status upon satisfying additional criteria. For each subsequent program year after attaining 5-Diamond status, your facility must complete and submit the Patient Safety Principles module again, as well as 2 additional modules by program year end (Sept. 30). Any 5-Diamond facility failing to do so will lose its 5-Diamond status and will have to reapply for the program and begin again.

It's never too late to participate! If your facility has not already joined, apply now and strive for 5 Diamond Status!


Program Modules

Click on the image below to complete the modules on the 5 Diamond website


5 Diamond Patient Safety Program logo


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