Treatment Options


Interactive Transplant Locator 

This simple tool was developed by the ESRD Network of Texas to locate an adult Kidney Transplant Program in Texas that will accept adult patients with different conditions and situations. The Texas Kidney Transplant Programs provided their criteria for acceptance to the ESRD Network of Texas, Inc. that were then programmed into this tool.

  1. To use the finder, enter patient age and check all items that apply to the patient seeking a transplant, then click the submit button at the bottom of the page.
  2. A list of programs that may accept the patient based on the information entered will then appear. To view contact information on the listed programs click on the link.
  3. Visit the Provider Directory  for facility contact information.

This listing is provided for informational purposes to assist in further exploring kidney transplant options and is not a promise of acceptance by the ESRD Network of Texas, Inc. or any of the Kidney Transplant Programs.

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