Continuing Education

New SOW Webinar - March 7, 2013 - flyer
  • Flyer - for those unable to attend the live event
  • 1 Hour CEU for Social Workers
  • All facilities are encouraged to attend
  • Evaluation - Due March 21, 2013 for those that attended the live event. Due May 1, 2013 for those viewing the webinar recording.
  • Power Point Slides
  • Webinar Recording (Requires windows media player.)

Patient-Centered Care and Patient Engagement - Webinar

Live webinar was held on March 22, 2013.

  • 1.25 free CEUs and CNEs for nurses, technicians, dietitians, and social workers
  • Featured Speakers: Dori Schatell, Executive Director of the Medical Education Institute (MEI) and an ESRD patient speaker
  • Webinar Slides
  • Webinar Recording (Requires Windows Media Player)


Weighting The Outcomes: Ethical Issues in Kidney Disease

The goal of this course is to increase renal professionals' ability to respond to daily ethical dilemmas by presenting a decision-making framework as well as strategies that health care teams may employ to improve patient outcomes. Social workers, nurses and patient care technicians can earn up to three credit hours upon course completion as the course is accredited by the National Association of Social Workers and the American Nephrology Nurses' Association. (For nurse & technician CEs, you will bedirected to the ANNA website.)

Network Learning Center

Dialysis Care Modules

Dialysis Care Modules, communication for quality

Dialysis Care Modules are Designed to be used by dialysis center staff responsible for conducting in-service training (i.e., nurse educators and trainers (by declerck). Topics selected/designed for patient care staff, specifically dialysis technicians and LPNs who work on the floor, to help build communication skills that promote better customer service and client satisfaction.

Presented by the Mid-Atlantic Renal Coalition.

Patient Care Technitions (PCT) Certification