Medical Review Board

The Medical Review Board (MRB) is an eighteen member voluntary multidisciplinary advisory body appointed by the Executive Committee of Network #14 that represents the diverse geographic areas, as well as the various ESRD related disciplines. These appointments are based upon recommendations from the appropriate professional organizations. The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986 (OBRA) (Public Law 99- 509) required the establishment of the MRB and directed that ESRD facilities and providers follow the recommendations of the MRB (Section 9335 {g}). The MRB met four times face to face in 2010 and conducted numerous conference calls.

The purpose of the MRB is to assure, through the application of suitable procedures of health care review, that the care provided to ESRD patients within the Network #14 area is maintained at an optimal achievable level of quality. The MRB operates in accordance with established procedures and observes strict conflict of interest guidelines as defined in Section 1126 (a) (1) of the Social Security Act. During 2011, the MRB members participated in four full day Board meetings and several conference calls.

The Medical Review Board objectives are:

  • To monitor the appropriateness and effectiveness of the long-term program proposed for the treatment of the ESRD patient.
  • To evaluate professional performance and patient outcomes for consistency with expected and desirable standards and results that define quality care.
  • To identify and evaluate patterns of care exhibited in the Network's facilities and compare such patterns, when possible, to local, regional, and national findings in an attempt to identify problems, inefficiencies, and/or areas of performance where improvements could be realized.
  • On the basis of its review, to recommend or carry out actions indicated for improvements in the ESRD care of individual patients or groups of patients.