Home Referrals


Home Referrals Webinar 1 Registration: Project Overview and Introduction Feb 14
Home Referrals Webinar 1 Recording: Project Overview and Introduction  
Home Referrals Webinar 2
 Registration: RADAR/FPR Recruitment March 7
Home Referrals Webinar 3
 Registration: RCA  April 4
Home Referrals Webinar 4 Registration: Discussion Groups May 2
Home Referrals Webinar 5
 Registration: Educational Campaign  June 8
Home Referrals Webinar 6
 Registration: Sustainability July 6
 Home Referrals Exit Webinar Registration Sept. 1

Attestation and Polling

Home Referrals Webinar 1: Project Overview and Introduction Due Feb 23
Home Referrals Webinar 2: RADAR/FPR Recruitment
Due March 14
Home Referrals Webinar 3: RCA
Due April 11
Home Referrals Webinar 4: Discussion Groups Due May 9
Home Referrals Webinar 5: Educational Campaign
Due June 13
Home Referrals Webinar 6: Sustainability
Due July 13


Group A
Group B

Intervention Resources

Quarterly Contact Sheet

Q1 Due Jan 31
Q2 Due March 31
Q3 Due June 30

5-Diamond Module

Test March 24

Discussion Groups Toolkit  
Discussion Groups Facilitator Guide

RADAR/FPR Toolkit - English
RADAR/FPR Toolkit - Spanish

AREP Webinar Series

Home Therapies: A Viable Option Feb 9
Home Hemo: Patient Selection and the Importance of Informed Choice March 6 
A Patient's Perspective on Dialysis Education April 13 

Sustainability Surveys

Sustainability Pre-test  Feb 28
2017 Home Referral FPR Sustainability Questionnaire  April 4
Discussion Groups Sustainability Questionnaire  June 6
Education Campaign Sustainability Questionnaire  July 6
Sustainability Post-Test July 17

Sustainability Plan Aug 1

Data Collection Tools

How to fill out the Data Collection Tool

January- Due Jan 31  
February- Due Feb 28
March- Due March 31
April- Due April 28 
May- Due May 31 
June- Due June 30 
July- Due July 31
August- Due August 31 
September- Due September 29 


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