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KCER Watch Safety and Health Topics: Emergency Preparedness Bulletin- The Federal Emergency Management Agency Invites Whole Community to Participate in National Level Exercise- April 2018

KCER WatchSafety and Health Topics: Emergency Preparedness Bulletin- Grant Funding Available to Help Communities Prepare for, Withstand, and Recover from Disaster-March 2018

KCER Safety and Health Topics: Emergency Preparedness Bulletin February 2018

Patient Resources

Texas Department of State Health Services- Ready or Not?

Emergency Bags Emergency Bags


Disaster Bag Announcement (click here to visit Ready or Not)

Disaster Bags are available  from the Texas Department of State Health Services website. To order, contact David Rivera at email DSHS.ReadyOrNot@dshs.texas.gov.

In your email please include the following information: Facility name, address, contact phone number, exact number of bags (please include patients and staff) in your order request. Example: # of patients = 50, # of staff = 20 your total order request is 70 bags.

Ready or Not Resources


Questions? Contact Betrice Williams at bwilliams@nw14.esrd.net



Access EMResource in a "view only" mode, please use the username and password listed below to log into EMResource and view facility status, capacity or other pertinent information associated with a facility during an emergency/disaster situation.

EMResource Website 

  • Username: txdialview
  • Password: Teec2015!@

If you need further assistance with EMResource usage, please visit the TEEC website and download the instructions located under the EMResource tab. All other questions or concerns may be directed to the following individual:

Previous Hurricane Activity

Hurricane Harvey
Current List of Road Closures
Resources for Immediate Disaster Behavioral Health Response 
Aug 29th. Hurricane Harvey Resources 
Aug 31st. AKF Financial Relief Notice
Returning Home After the Storm
CMS facilitates access to care for dialysis patients impacted by Hurricane Harvey
Hurricane Harvey Rumor Control
Applicability of Reporting Requirements for Providers Affected by Hurricane Harvey- 9/12/2017 Update

CROWNWeb Reporting for Texas and Louisiana Dialysis Facilities Affected by Severe Storms and Flooding – Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Irma
Hurricane Irma HIPPA Bulletin 
Applicability of Reporting Requirements for Providers Affected by Hurricane Irma- 9/14/2017

Since the Katrina/Rita Hurricane Disaster in 2005, the Network has maintained a comprehensive list of resources and materials on this website. The Network actively participates in the Texas ESRD Emergency Coalition (TEEC) and continues to assist with distribution of materials developed through the coalition.

In the event of a DISASTER, call the TEEC toll-free at (866) 407-ESRD and/or visit the website at http://texasteec.org/ 

  • Click here for a list of open and closed facilities.
    • Username: txdialview
    • Password: Teec2015!@