Depression Screening QIA (PHFPQ)


PHFPQ Webinar 1 Registration: Introduction and RADAR/FPR Recruitment 
PHFPQ Webinar 1 Slides: Introduction and RADAR/FPR Recruitment
PHFPQ Webinar 1 Recording: Introduction and RADAR/FPR Recruitment

PHFPQ Webinar 2 Registration: Data Submission and Accuracy   
PHFPQ Webinar 2 Slides: Data Submission and Accuracy   
PHFPQ Webinar 2 Recording: Data Submission and Accuracy  

PHFPQ Webinar 3 Registration: Developing Follow-Up Plans
PHFPQ Webinar 3 Slides: Developing Follow-Up Plans
PHFPQ Webinar 3 Recording: Developing Follow-Up Plans

PHFPQ Webinar 4 Registration: Sustainability 
PHFPQ Webinar 4 Slides: Sustainability 
PHFPQ Webinar 4 Recording: Sustainability

Exit webinar

Attestation and Polling

PHFPQ Webinar 1 A&P: Introduction and RADAR/FPR Recruitment 
PHFPQ Webinar 2 A&P: Data Submission and Accuracy    
PHFPQ Webinar 3 A&P: Developing Follow-Up Plans
PHFPQ Webinar 4 A&P:


FPR Sustainability Survey Due March 30, 2018 
NCC LAN Attestation Due April 13, 2018
PDSA Form Due April 30, 2018
PDSA Monthly Follow-Up Due April 30, 2018
March Data Collection Tool Due April 30, 2018

Facility Root Cause Analysis Due January 24, 2018
Facility Contact Form Due January 31, 2018
Project Lead Job Description  Due February 28, 2018

Timeline (subject to change)